Frequently Asked Questions - STCW & Marine

What are the training requirements for working at sea?

Seafarers are required to hold specialist certification to work at sea. Each role will have minimum entry level training requirements under the IMO’s STCW convention which has been developed to ensure personal safety on board ships is consistent and maintained at all times.

What does STCW stand for?

STCW stands for the Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers, and sets standards for Masters, Officers and Watch personnel on seagoing merchant ships.

What types of marine courses are on offer?

We can give you access to a large number of marine-related courses, from mandatory and legislative requirements to more role specific offerings. The variety of courses is suitable for a multitude of roles and levels of seniority.

What is the delivery format of these courses?

Marine training courses comprise of a mixture of classroom-based and online formats. The format is detailed next to the course listing.

What will I receive after completing a course?

Full details of Certificates of Competence (CoC) and other qualifications are outlined in the information section of each course.

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