Autumn Promotion from FQM
Posted on: 07/11/2016

Our training partners at FQM  are offering all Trace clients and opportunity to buy 1 course and get a second half price on all the Aberdeen training course available in Aberdeen.

All of their courses can be found on our portal, or by clicking on this link.

Please get in touch for additional information and we will be happy to support all queries.


Posted on: 25/04/2016

It has been both interesting and pleasing to see how the training providers have responded to the current industry needs to find cost effective solutions for their clients.  So many have reviewed their course delivery methods and looked revised and changed their offerings to suit market conditions.

A great example of this new flexible approach is through one of training partners, People Factors Consultants.  They have recently created an electrical safety course which saves both cost and time.  The new HV Operations course is aimed at individuals who require the skills and knowledge to control an HV/LV generation and distribution system, whether the topic is new or a refresher. 

The course combines 3 vital electrical safety modules:-

  • HV/LV Switching

  • Protection Relay Operations

  • Electricity at Work Regulations 

Normally, the above 3 modules could be taken individually and in total were delivered over an 8 day period.  However, in reviewing the syllabus, there was common area’s in their delivery, so People Factors Consultants are now combine 8 days’ worth of training into a single 5 day course.

Alternatively, clients/trainees can choose from a combination of the course modules, so they can target the area’s they need to focus on.

All modules are available to book through the Trace portal today, alternatively contact People Factor Consultants directly for more information.

Smart Cabinets - The future of empowerment ?
Posted on: 11/04/2016

With the ever changing technology available to the general workplace, can a piece of equipment replace the need for training ?  Is classroom training always the most practical way to deliver continuous training with in areas like first aid where the safety of your workforce and guests who are under your roof imperative ?  Could a single unit deliver this ?

Our training partner Maxsafe, is now a UK distributor for the AED Smart Station which combines video awareness training with the standard AED Cabinet.  Imagine having 10 first aid trained staff in your workplace of 100 people, now after installing an AED in a Smart Station you now have 10 fully trained first aiders and a total workforce of initial responders to assist your trained staff to save a life.

Do your visitors on site need to watch an induction video? Press the button. Would you like all your staff to know what your assembly point looks like, and where it's located? Press the button. Bespoke and personal video's can be added and used to educate your staff and visitors. Safety messages can be recorded and changed on a weekly, monthly or even a daily basis. Video toolbox talks? Yup, that can be arranged too. Screen too small for a big audience in the departure lounge at the airport? Hook it up to a large format LED screen or projector through the HDMI connection.

Interested as a complimentary method of first aid training ?  Contact for more information.

RUN TRACE RUN - Target £10,000 for Gastrocan
Posted on: 27/03/2016

To support a cause established by Liz Pirrie of Elevator Aberdeen, the Trace Learning Solutions management team are getting their running shoes over the next few weeks as they have pledged to complete at least 5k per day for the next 50 consecutive days to support GASTROCAN - the Grampian Gastro-oesophageal Cancer Research Fund ! 

GASTROCAN supports research to improve treatment for oesophageal and gastric cancer in NHS Grampian and The University of Aberdeen Medical School.  All funds donated to GASTROCAN are used to support local research efforts into this devastating disease, benefit local patients and enable the University of Aberdeen to lead national and international research projects. 

The excellent facilities in NHS Grampian and the School of Medicine at the University of Aberdeen provide an ideal environment and resources for cancer research and the gastro-oesophageal cancer research programme utilising these facilities. 


Let our good friend Liz Pirrie tell you more -


It could not be easier - -  with all donations will go to the University of Aberdeen Development Trust (Charity Number SC002938).


Efficiencies on the rise within the training sector
Posted on: 24/03/2016

Although entirely different, price comparison websites (PCWs) and learning management systems share two key commonalities; they both increase time and cost efficiencies. These are both commonplace features within many sectors, however the combination of the two within the training industry is an entirely new creation that is set to transform the professional lives of learning and development professionals, and individuals embarking on training ventures.

According to the Financial Conduct Authority, price comparison websites are often highly valued by consumers as they can enable them to quickly and easily identify the choices suited to their needs.  They’re able to make informed decisions as they are presented with a multitude of information in a truly comparable way. 

Although PCWs are commonly seen across industries such as insurance, travel and finance, they are now emerging into other industries, such as training, allowing even more people to save time and money in other aspects of their lives.  

The team that created Trace Learning Solutions, an online learning management organisation, are firm believers of saving time and money in business, which led them to develop this online aggregator for the training industry. 

Lynn Elder, Director of Trace Learning Solutions, comments: “Having worked within learning and development for almost 20 years, I know first-hand how time consuming researching, comparing and booking training courses for a large organisation, or individuals, can be. And with many roles being extremely busy and diverse, this was an unnecessary and inconvenient problem to have.  

“This is the frustration that Trace Learning Solutions was born out of. We see comparison websites across the web for so many industries, so why couldn’t this be replicated in a different sector to increase efficiencies? We wanted to create a hub of training courses and list them side by side within one single place, and that’s exactly what we have built.” 

Trace Learning Solutions is the first system of its kind to aggregate a varied collection of training providers in one platform, offering individuals and companies the chance to compare courses and prices in one place. Courses are listed from across a multitude of sectors, including electrical, first aid, health and safety, business, survival, fire, marine, lifting and emergency response.  

Lynn continues, “Alongside this search and comparison capability, we also provide consumers with an online learning management system, which meets industry guidelines and helps to streamline training procedures. The streamlined nature of this platform, and its ability to simplify the management of training within an organisation or for an individual, further emphasises our focus cost and time efficiency. 

“Our team knows that there’s so much to remember when coordinating training, especially for a large organisation. Keeping track of courses, times, dates, locations and contact details on multiple spreadsheets for different projects or teams can turn into the stuff of nightmares. We aim to alleviate that, as it does not have to be done that way. 

“Our site is not just a training aggregator – our clients gain unique login access to our company administration portal, which makes organising training requirements and keeping track of everything very easy.” 

Learning management systems are credited worldwide for boosting time efficiency, easing accessibility, and being cost effective, and this is the core focus of Trace Learning Solutions.  

So although you may up to speed with ensuring your personal life is fully efficient and cleverly organised, this is also possible in your professional life if you work in the learning and development industry, or you embark upon training courses. The combination of a PCW and learning management system is unique, but perhaps a vital trend we will see continue across industries.


For more information, please visit
Is training and development best placed in the hands of HR ?
Posted on: 20/03/2016

I can hear all my HR colleagues and friends screaming at the screen right now ‘OF COURSE IT IS’, but is it really? Most companies will always have an HR role on their books who will cover a multitude of different functions, but many are not skilled in the training and development area because most of them are generalists. This is not a criticism: this is a fact.  You would not go to training and development for HR advice, so why do companies expect this logic to work in reverse?

Many HR functions are now being outsourced to experts in their respective fields - including training and development. By doing so it is proving a much more productive means of delivering a key service for organizations compared to the traditional ‘HR covers everything’ model that has gone before.

What type of training and development will keep your company competitive, and your employees growing and developing? What will keep your training and compliance standards high, but your training budget costs low? There are many options for training today: online, classroom, custom, off the shelf, gaming technologies, and micro-learning to name but a few. So much choice, but what would work best for your company and your learners?  Have you the expertise in house to provide you with the answer ?  Help is at hand.

Good tools, good experience and good information are key to productive working and as a service orientated professional organization with 30 years training and development experience, my own organisation - Trace Learning Solutions - can provide our clients with a partner who is passionate about training and development and the commercial benefits it can provide to an organization.

One size does not fit all so we have a choice of tools and options available to individuals and companies.  If you simply want to centralise training records and certificates to understand your compliance levels and move away from those dreaded excel spreadsheets,  need support in identifying who can deliver what training you still need via our search engine of training suppliers or indeed if you simply want someone to do manage all your training and development for you, Trace Learning Solutions can help. 

Save time and save cost by challenging the norm today, your HR will be glad that you did !

TRACE secures place on exclusive Elevator Program 2016
Posted on: 28/02/2016

Elevator, formerly known as Enterprise North East Trust (Enterprise), has launched the Accelerator Programme at its new £1million Centre of Entrepreneurship, situated in The Hub in the city’s Energy Park at the Bridge of Don and Trace Learning Solutions are 1 of only 25 companies to be confirmed on the program.

The 20 week programme, which is the first of its kind in the UK, has been created for high potential start-ups from a range of backgrounds, including energy, technology and engineering, to fast track the learning process.

Chief executive of Elevator, Professor of Entrepreneurship, Gary McEwan, said: “We have a clear objective of assisting entrepreneurs in reaching their goals, and the Accelerator Programme has been created to appeal not only to our home grown entrepreneurs but to an international audience; we want the best talent from across the globe to choose to come to Aberdeen, and Elevator will offer the best working environment and expertise for the talent of the future to start their entrepreneurial journey.

“Today, it is more important than ever that we work to create top-class entrepreneurs, as they are the ones who will go on to build companies, become future employers, and contribute to the growth of our local and national economies in the future.”

Lynn Elder, Director of Trace Learning Solutions said 'We are delighted to be selected for this program.  It is great that the potential that our company holds has been recognised by others, and we look forward to working with Gary and his team to continue to move Trace forward"

For more information about Elevator, please click on or contact Team Trace

Business Development Networking lunch event - How to sell successfully sell to the international oil and gas supply chain
Posted on: 10/02/2016

Trace Learning Solutions is actively supporting the Cammach Recruitment’s second Business Development Networking Lunch sponsored by Mol Energy, Simply joined and Azzuro Blu on the 16th February at 12pm at the Hilton Double Tree.

The event theme will be collaboration and how to successfully sell to the international oil and gas supply chain. The three speakers will be Ian Rattray, Supply Chain Manager at Mol Energy, Steve Johnson, Managing Director of Simply Joined, a supply chain consultancy and Alex Graham, Managing Director of Azzuro Blu, a fully integrated marketing agency. This will give 3 very diverse and interesting perspectives. As this is a panel session, there will be ample opportunity for questions.

This networking event will be a mix of SME's up to larger national companies all of whom will be intrinsically involved in the Oil and Gas Industry. We have a range of Engineering Houses, Service providers and support service companies who will be represented. The aim is to bring around 60-80 Business Development professionals together to try and open doors for one another, network with fellow professionals, catch up with existing clients as well as potentially meet new.

In addition to the presentations made on the day, opportunities will be made available through follow up events to continue discussions with the key speakers including attendance at a number of 1 day workshops run by Simply Joined which will deliver the key concepts of effective supply chain management from a customer perspective, along with some tools and techniques that can be utilised to bring value creation and cost efficiencies to all those involved in business development and sales processes.  These workshops will take place on the 22nd March 2016 and 10th of May 2016 in Aberdeen and are available to book via the Trace Learning Solutions portal, click here to reserve your place today.  A discounted small business rate is also available,

The event will be strictly invite only to guarantee a quality group. Our initial event in November 2015 was an overwhelming success with around 60 delegates attending, all of whom were senior decision makers within their respective businesses. This ranged from Business Development Managers up to Director level. Should you have any colleagues within Business Development who may benefit from attending, please feel free to share their details.

We appreciate that times are tough in the Oil and Gas industry and as such, ticket prices have been kept down to a very affordable £30 (plus booking fee) per person. Discount is available for anyone who wishes to book a table of 10. Tickets can be booked via the following link;

BOSIET/FOET and Category A EBS changes
Posted on: 01/02/2016

Oil & Gas UK, Step Change in Safety, OPITO, IADC and the trade unions have agreed a joint industry statement on the current status of BOSIET/FOET Category A EBS Training:

“After extensive engagement with industry, regulators, training providers and workforce representatives, agreement has been reached on the new BOSIET/FOET standard to be applied across the UK sector. This new standard, which will be introduced early in 2016, will meet the manufacturer's minimum training requirements specified by the CAA. The standard will involve 'dry' CAT-A EBS training with in-water HUET breath hold exercises using the Survitec Mk50 life jacket. This will remove the Lapp jacket and re-breather from the existing BOSIET/FOET standard for personnel travelling offshore in the UKCS.

In the longer term, all industry stakeholders will work towards providing in-water training exercises using the Survitec Mk50 life jacket and Compressed air CAT-A EBS equipment.

This means that delegates will no longer have to complete a separate Category A EBS course as it will become standard within the survival syllabus.  For more information, contact us at

David Cameron to set up North Sea Oil Industry Support Group
Posted on: 25/01/2016

David Cameron is to establish a North Sea support group to help its oil industry deal with the impact of the declining oil prices, which have dropped from $115 (£81, €106) in 2014 to less than $30 (£21). This decline which can be attributed to factors such as weakened demand from China and global supply exceeding demand has led to job cuts and reduced investments across the world.

Oil & Gas UK, the industry group, responded by saying that it would welcome the move provided senior ministers were considering ways to support the operators. It asked ministers to take further steps to help the sector as there was a limit to how much companies could cut costs.

To read the full article, please click on the below link

Employers - are you looking for fresh talent ?
Posted on: 20/01/2016

As part of our continued support to PACE and Skills Development Scotland, Trace are delighted to invite employers across the North East looking for fresh talent to attend a jobs fair being hosted as part of the Fraserburgh Task Force being held on Thursday 28th January 2016 at North East Scotland College, Fraserburgh Campus between 10am-4pm.

Businesses can advertise any vacancies they have now or in the near future free of charge, with a strong turnout expected from motivated job seekers looking to secure a new career.

Please use the below link to find out more about how you can play your part on the day:-

Have you been made redundant ? You need to know about PACE !
Posted on: 12/01/2016
PACE (Partnership Action for Continuing Employment) is the Scottish Government's national strategic partnership framework for responding to redundancy situations and Trace has been delighted to be able to participate and support their work over the past 6 months.

Skills Development Scotland (SDS) co-ordinates PACE at a national level and facilitates local level response teams providing tailored help and support for individuals at risk of, or experiencing, redundancy.

The response to each redundancy situation is tailored to meet individual needs and local circumstances. But generally the services offered include full JobCentre Plus services, one to one counselling and advice on career development and opportunities, access to high quality training, seminars on skills such as CV writing and starting up a business and access to IT facilities.

To find out more about PACE and how it can support you, click here - or contact us here at Trace.

Mariners - are you ready for 2017 ?
Posted on: 05/01/2016

Happy New Year and we wish you a happy, healthy and positive 2016.  For many of us, today will be about simply getting our feet back under the desk following the break and whilst being to look ahead and plan the first of the new activities for the year. 

However, for many marine companies and independent mariners, the topic of conversation remains the same – MLC !  It is an area that Trace has focussed on before, but it appears to continue to provide challenges to many organisations to make sure they are fully compliant for the 1st January 2017 deadline.

The changes to the STCW standards and associated Code include new certification requirements for able seaman and electro-technical officers, training in modern technology such as ECDIS and DPS, security training, marine environmental training and in leadership and teamwork as well as updating of competence requirements for personnel serving on board all types of tankers, including new requirements for personnel serving on liquefied gas tankers. 

How is your organisation preparing for compliance in 2017 ?  Need some training or advice on the standards ?    

For more information as to how we can support you towards compliance, get in touch at or contact us at 01224 959445. 

More information can be found at

EPIT Offering 5% discount in September 2015
Posted on: 02/09/2015
EPIT are celebrating their exhibition at Offshore Europe by offering 5% discount on ALL of their training courses in September*
Further information on all of courses including courses descriptors, dates, and availability can be viewed on our website.
Online booking inclusive of you’re 5% discount can be made via the Trace website  All course pricing and calendar availability can be viewed by selecting the ‘Our Training Providers’ tab and selecting ‘EPIT’ 

*Course must be taken by 30th September 2015.
NSL introduce new courses and reduced pricing
Posted on: 03/05/2015

NSL have been working to continually improve their training courses and have updated their course content to include the latest industry best practice & legislation. NSL’s courses are seen as industry leading and raise the bar in terms of quality of content, in an industry where lifting operation accidents still remain too common. NSL’s updated courses will be rolled out in the coming months and include:

  • Rigging & Lifting    

  • Banksman / Slinger                     

  • LOLER Presentation

  • Lifting Operations Awareness

  • Lifting Equipment Examiner         

  • Abrasive Wheels
They have also reduced pricing on all UK training courses to support their customers who are experiencing cost pressures due to the current industry conditions. The reduction is simple, book any open training course at the training centre in Aberdeen, UK during 2015 and receive a 15% reduction. All the new course pricing and calendar availability can be viewed by selecting the ‘Our Training Providers’ tab and selecting ‘North Sea Lifting’
EPIT Group doubles capacity and launches new training facility to meet high demand
Posted on: 21/04/2015

EPIT Group – an internationally leading provider of training and assessment services for engineers working in hazardous and industrial environments, is relocating to a new, custom - built training complex in Blackburn Business Park, Aberdeen.  


Headquartered in Blackburn Business Park, Aberdeen, EPIT has been operating since 2002 delivering training and assessment services in the UK, Trinidad, Kazakhstan, Oman, India, Singapore and the US, to name but a few. Over 13 years of operation, EPIT has delivered training courses to over 10,000 delegates across the globe helping industry professionals and their employers comply with International Regulations and European Directives.


In order to address the growing demand for specialist training, EPIT had a new facility built just 150 meters from its current training centre. The company has moved twice in the last five years due to continued growth and has doubled its capacity since the last move in 2012.


General Manager, Martin Constable says “We have invested over £3 million into this new development and are proud of the new training facilities which include a fully equipped electrical/instrument practical area, a high voltage practical area and the facilities for mechanical and A.C. motor courses. “


The new 850 sq. m building also boasts 7 spacious training rooms – enough to accommodate 100 delegates, a modern lounge area where they can relax in between classes and workshops, ample parking area and free high speed fibre optic wi-fi.  


EPIT’s clients who require high quality training in remote locations can have theory and practical training delivered to them thanks to the company’s mobile facility which allows for such training to be carried out without requiring construction of a practical workshop.


EPIT’s new training centre opened its doors to clients and delegates earlier this month
HSE Teams and Duty Holders - how do you demonstrate helideck perimeter safety ?
Posted on: 24/02/2015

The design of helideck perimeter safety nets on offshore installations and vessels cover a wide range of different support structures, net support frame structures, netting materials and fixing methods. Therefore testing and maintenance is essential.  Does your organisation currently comply against these standards and guidelines ? Do you need a detailed inspection report outlining any remedial actions required ? 

Our trusted partner, Allied Training are proud to have been appointed as the approved service agents for the testing of perimeter helideck safety nets to cap 437 & UKOOA requirements, and to carry out the installation, maintenance, service and control for all types of helideck perimeter netting in addition to NorsKenet perimeter netting and those supplied and manufactured by Marine Safety Supplies Limited, the UK’s leading exponent of vessel, rig and platform perimeter safety netting.

To enquire about this service today, in the search engine select 'Services' under course category and 'Perimeter Net Inspection' under course title and hit 'Book' and a member of the Allied team will get back in touch with you.

Trace is officially launched
Posted on: 30/10/2014

Trace Learning Solutions are presenting at the Granite Expo 2014 event in Aberdeen today to coincide with their official launch of the organisation.

Founded on years of experience working within the offshore environment, Trace has been created to simplify and streamline existing training practices to allow the individual, company and training provider to experience a more proactive approach to training management whilst showing how a single portal system can add more value than existing learning systems.

Gillian Henderson, Operations Director for Trace said "We are delighted to bring to the industry a portal which will connect and deliver practical and time saving solutions for the individual, employer and training providers. The best solutions are those that address the need directly, and we are committed to meet the needs of all our clients in flexible, innovative and creative ways".

TRACE - Training, Recognition, Analysis, Comparison and Excellence – contact us today for more information.

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